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Giacomo Casanova


Giacomo Casanova was born in Venice in 1725, probably from an extramarital affair of his mother. His childhood was far from serene. He was orphaned by his father when he was only eight years old and, as his mother was constantly travelling due to her profession as an actress, his maternal grandmother took care of him. 

His culture was truly vast, it had no limits. And on many occasions it was his salvation.

He graduated in law and travelled all over Europe, led a life full of adventure. He was an adventurer, a writer, a poet, even a secret agent, and led a life of travel, debauchery, profligacy, and comforts that were often beyond his means. 

Theatres, gambling, elegant dinners and adventures with women: all these are fundamental elements in the story of Giacomo Casanova.

During a trip to Bohemia, he wrote 'The Story of My Life', which would not be published until 1825, which portrays him as an emblem of erotic hedonism, unscrupulous, at the mercy of a thousand amorous adventures. He also wrote some verse and novels: 'Icosameron' and 'Story of My Escape', and translated parts of the Iliad into octaves.