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Traditional Bigoli

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SKU TWF00034

Typical Venetian long egg pasta similar to spaghetti. Handmade according to the ancient recipe.

Tag   #Veneti  #carrellata 

Bigoli are a traditional Veneto pasta format, similar to large spaghetti characterized by a rough and porous surface that holds sauces and condiments well. The making of bigoli is so simple and the result so excellent that in almost every trattoria in Veneto they are easily found on the daily menu. 

Historical traces of this pasta date as far back as the 1300s. During the war that the Serenissima Republic waged with the Turks guilty of sinking ships carrying the precious durum wheat, a pasta maker came up with the idea of using the little remaining durum wheat flour mixed with soft wheat to form a large spaghetto.

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