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Red radicchio in oil

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SKU TWF00036

The undisputed star of winter vegetables, our Late Red Radicchio will delight you with its unmistakable bitter-sweet aroma.

Tag   #trevigiani  #Veneti 

The late red radicchio is a true culinary institution. We select the best radicchio plants, pan-fry them with herbs and a little wine and seal them in jars to give you all the flavours of this land, right from the first taste. And here it comes, that pleasantly bitter and unmistakable flavour of late red radicchio, which immediately makes a party!
The heart of the radicchio is soaked for 20 days in the bleaching tank to make it pulpy and at the same time crunchy; it is then cold-processed with water, salt, vinegar and spices, so that the radicchio is cooked without altering its properties, flavours and texture; and finally put in oil whole, to make it even more beautiful to look at.
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